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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of the Provita Juicer?
6.5" long x 10.5" wide x 18" high

2. What's included with my Provita Juicer?
1 Provita Juice, 1 pulp collection cup (1 liter capacity), 1 juice collection cup (1 liter capacity), 1 cleaning brush, 1 pusher

3. Does the Provita Juicer have a power cord?
Yes, the Provita Juicer has a 3.5 foot power cord and runs on 150 watts of power

4. Is the Provita Juicer easy to assemble?
Yes, the Provita Juicer comes ready to use.

5. Can Provita Juicer make nut milk?
Yes, the Provita Juicer can make almond milk, soy milk and other nut milks

6. How is the Provita Juicer cleaned?
After using your Provita Juicer pour a glass or two of water down the chute into the running juicer. This will make clean up easier. All removable components of the Provita Juicer are dishwasher safe, for the base unit simply wipe clean.

7. Does produce need to be cut before putting it in the Provita Juicer?
We find it best to make sure fruits and vegetables are cut into manageable pieces so they fit comfortably into the feeding chute.

8. What kind of technology is used to juice produce in the Provita Juicer?
Provita juicer'chews' the food for maximum extraction, so you do not need to force the food down with the pusher. Gently use the pusher when food gets stuck or to aid passage through the chute for foods

9. Does the texture of the food matter when using the Provita Juicer?
Yes, we find it best to alternate between hard and soft foods. We have provided a list below to make it easy to decide what foods are soft and what foods are hard. Soft foods include: cucumber, leafy greens, parsley, mint, wheat grass, pineapple, watermelon, etc. Hard foods include: Carrots, apples, beets, celery, ginger, etc. Fibruos food should be done at the end of your juicing. For best results remove stems from lea fy greens such as collards, kale and chard before juicing. This will allow your juicer to process the greens much more easily and result in a less bitter juice.

10. Can you juice whole fruits in the Provita Juicer, even with pits and seeds?
You can juice whole fruits and vegetables that contain seeds such as in apples, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.. However, the Provita Juicer cannot process large pits found in so-called "stone fruits" such as peaches, plums, cherries, apric ots, etc, you will need to remove pits before placing your food into the Provita.

11. Can you juice skins and rinds in the Provita Juicer?
You can juice most fruits and vegetables in their skin or rinds on, however, some of the harder skins and rinds are bitter and may not taste good. You may want to experiment to see what flavors appeal to you. See the list below for examples of produce that should be peeled or have rinds removed t is best to remove the outer skin or rind for the following: o ranges, lemons, limes, watermelon and pineapple.